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Select1Chiaia, Nicolas196Potential Role of Midi GAGR in Enhancing Peripheral Nerve Regeneration5/26/2015
Select1Hill, Jennifer197Activation of hypothalamic neurons controlling reproductive behavior using viral delivery of designe5/26/2015
Select1Hinds, Terry198Glucocorticoid signaling in cancer5/26/2015
Select1Hinds, Terry199Heme Oxygenase and Antioxidant Prevention of Obesity Induced Hypertension5/26/2015
Select1Huntley, Jason200Biofilm development to detoxify microcystin toxin from drinking water5/26/2015
Select1Liu, Jiayong201Outcomes and risk factors of surgical treatments of the tibia fractures5/26/2015
Select1Mabry, Helen202CEACAM1: A Common Denominator Linking Obesity to Breast Cancer?5/26/2015
Select1Mooney, Richard203Serotonin’s specific and nonspecific effects on neonatal cortical development5/26/2015
Select1Ortiz, Jorge204Outcomes in lddney transplant recipients receiving Alemtuzumab for induction therapy5/26/2015
Select1Pearson, David205Is a 6D treatment couch required for Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy of the Vertebral Body?5/26/2015